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How to find El Desemboque and our hotel

Exciting Changes!

The Playa Dorada Hotel in El Desemboque is being completely renovated

The hotel will re-open in early 2018, with completely redesigned rooms and facilities

And… we will offer eco-tourism and other great activities

The Hotel Playa Dorada is located in the seaside village of El Desemboque, Sonora, along the coast of the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California, in the municipality of Caborca, Sonora.

Puerto Peñasco to El Desemboque

Take the Carretera Puerto Peñasco-Caborca (Sonora highway 37) toward Caborca. After about 60 miles you will arrive at the intersection of Sonora 37 and Sonora 44, in La Y Griega, Sonora.

You will see a big green overhead highway sign – arrow to the left to continue on highway 37 to Caborca, arrow to the right to highway 44, which continues down the coast. Take a right.

After approximately 25 miles you will see a sign for the road to El Desemboque, a two-lane paved rural highway that leads the final eight miles to Desemboque.

Lukeville/Sonoyta to El Desemboque

There are two options for driving from the Lukeville/Sonoyta border crossing to El Desemboque. The first is to drive to Puerto Peñasco and then follow the directions from Peñasco to El Desemboque.

The other alternative is to drive approximately 90 miles to Caborca on Mexico highway 2, connect with Sonora highway 37 and follow the directions driving from Caborca to El Desemboque.

Caborca to Desemboque

Caborca’s main east-west thoroughfare, Calle Obregon, becomes Sonora highway 37 as you drive west out of Caborca.

After driving for approximately 35 miles you will arrive at the intersection of Sonora highway 44 in the town of La Y Griega.

The intersection is clearly marked with large overhead highway signs – Sonora 37 continues to the right, on to Puerto Peñasco. Do not take the turn, instead continue straight on the highway (which is now Sonora 44) for another 25 miles until you see the El Desemboque turnoff.

Stay on that road for approximately eight miles and you will arrive in Desemboque.